Stop laying wooden floors! Now it is popular to SPC stone crystal floor



Q: Is there no other option that is the perfect alternative to wood flooring?

A: Yes, the SPC stone plastic floor (can also be called SPC stone crystal floor), which has been mentioned many times recently, is such a existence.

It not only has the grain of the wooden floor, but also circumvents the shortcomings of the wooden floor. In terms of price, it is more economical than wooden flooring, and it can be called the king of cost performance.

Q: What is SPC stone plastic flooring?

Answer: SPC stone plastic floor is made of calcium powder plasticized extruded sheet, without any glue used in the process, solid can achieve environmental protection 0 formaldehyde.

At the same time, it also has the function of fire and waterproof, and the wear resistance and high temperature resistance are high.
Even scraping back and forth on the floor with a knife will leave no marks.
Due to its high temperature resistance, this kind of floor is also very suitable for balconies with year-round sun.