The PVC floor, which is loved by Europe and the United States, runs a new faucet with an annual output value of more than 100 million



PVC floor is a new type of floor decoration material, compared with traditional tiles, wooden floors, carpets, etc., with green environmental protection, safety and health, wear-resistant and durable, easy installation and maintenance and other advantages, after years of development, has become the current home decoration market mainstream decoration materials, in the European and American markets are widely popular.

Shandong Xincheng Group was founded in 2001, mainly engaged in the processing and manufacturing of bamboo flooring and bamboo wood products in the early days. In 2014, the company saw the development trend of PVC flooring and quickly turned the rudder, becoming the first batch of domestic enterprises to develop and produce new PVC composite flooring. Through self-built product laboratories, material testing centers, technology and R&D centers, and continuous strengthening of innovation and research and development, we have quickly established a perfect automated production line, and successively launched a variety of products such as stone-plastic composite flooring (SPC flooring) and plastic crystal flooring (LVT flooring).

So far, Xinlida product model specifications as many as hundreds of specifications, has formed a relatively complete PVC flooring category system, is the same industry in the same industry business coverage, product variety of enterprises one of the enterprises, can meet diversified customer needs, and environmental protection antibacterial, fire retardant, waterproof moisture, impact resistance and many other performance indicators are better than domestic or international standards.

Deeply cultivate overseas mature markets, high-quality customers to escort performance growth

As a new type of green floor decoration material, PVC flooring first originated in Europe, and in the 30s of the 20th century, the United States took the lead in starting the industrial production of PVC flooring. In the following century, PVC flooring has been highly recognized in the European and American markets, and the annual demand has grown steadily, especially in North America.

With the continuous acceleration of globalization, PVC flooring production capacity continues to transfer to developing countries or regions, of which China undertakes most of the production capacity, and has become the world's largest exporter of PVC flooring, and is still growing. With high-quality products, Xinlida has been recognized by many markets around the world, and has successively passed the American FloorScore certification, the European Union CE certification, FSC-COC certification and the German TUV certification, and is one of the enterprises with relatively complete qualifications for relevant systems and products/materials in the industry. The complete qualification has helped Xinlida knock on the door of more than 20 countries and regions such as North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, and successfully entered the supplier system of dozens of flooring brands and building materials retailers that rank at the leading level in the global industry. It is worth noting that the degree of stickiness of relevant customers to Xinlida is very high, and the cooperation time between the two parties is basically more than 5 years.

Expand the industrial chain vertically and actively embrace new markets at home and abroad

With the advancement of globalization strategy, Xinlida is also constantly expanding and extending its five-in-one industrial chain of "procurement, research and development, production, sales and service". In addition to the manufacturing system with a number of high-standard modern production lines, in terms of sales system, the company has formed a "multi-channel, intensive" sales system. And with the continuous development of technology, the penetration rate of PVC flooring outside of North America is also increasing.

In addition, with the improvement of residents' living standards, as well as the continuous promotion of urbanization and the continuous promotion of the transformation of old houses, PVC flooring has been recognized by domestic consumers with its excellent environmental protection, stability, wear resistance, convenient paving and maintenance, comfortable walking, good decorative effect and a wide range of application fields, and is gradually entering more extensive application scenarios such as residential and commercial office buildings from special fields such as stadiums, hospitals, and schools. In the future, under the condition that China pays attention to ecological protection and vigorously promotes policies and regulations such as "logging ban order" and "pollution control law", PVC flooring will gain higher attention and development space in China. To this end, Xinlida is also actively building its own brand, and plans to continuously improve internal sales channels in the future in order to better embrace domestic development opportunities.

In general, Xinlida has many advantages, with excellent R & D level to empower high-quality products, and downstream cooperation with a number of head customers to provide the company with broad and stable sales channels, the most important thing is that the PVC flooring market is currently in a rapid upward stage, whether overseas mature markets or domestic emerging markets, have provided a broad space for the development of PVC flooring industry.